TFI Relocation Kit options LLC has a new product! It is our pleasure to announce that we have came up with a solution to fix your Ford TFI Module problems. The TFI Module is mounted on the distributor where heat breaks it down. When this occurs your car will ultimately stop running only to start back when the Module cools off. Other symptoms include rough idle and stumbling. The TFI Relocation Kit that we offer includes everything you need to fix the problem you probably was not aware of. The kit comes with a high grade aluminum heat sink, twisted/shielded 3 wire w/drain cable (cut to customize where you choose to place it),3 patch wires that are color coded to attach to the original harness,all the hardware to make the connections, stainless steel machined 4mm bolts, and a detailed illustrated instruction booklet that will help you install the kit like a pro! This Kit was made by an Union Electrician of 20 years. The kit comes with a support number to call anytime. All kits come with heat sink and dielectric grease for module and connections. PART# 423706 IS THE STANDARD 9'6" HARNESS. It comes with:Side Mount Heat Sink,3 Extension Wires, Heat Shrink for all connections, All necessary hardware to install the TFI and connectors to make all the connections to and from the distributor. PART# 423706A IS THE 12' EXTENDED HARNESS (THIS LOCATES THE HEAT SINK NEXT TO THE HOOD LATCH IN THE CENTER OF THE CAR). This kit is for all you wire tuck people. You can re-route the entire harness within the fender wells of the car to keep the engine bay clean of disorganized wires and cables. The kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to install the kit. Arctic Silver, dielectric grease, Front mounted Heat Sink,12'- 3 wire twisted shielded cable, 3 wire extensions, all hardware to mount the Heat Sink and to mount the TFI module, Heat Shrink for all connections,and a Detailed Illustrated Instruction Manual. Part # 423706B includes everything that the standard 423706 kit offers but substitutes the Front mounted Heat Sink instead. Part # 423706C is a Block off plate for the factory distributor. ****** Part # 423706D includes the 423706 standard kit with thermostatic controlled fan. These kits are for you guys down south! ****** Allow 1 week before shipment on this order. We build these when you order. Call for availability
12 LLC is not liable for any modifications in or on any vehicles where this kit has been installed. Buyer is responsible for all wiring and modifications. TFI Module is not included. TFI Relocation Kit is for Ford vehicles only.